m definitely noticing some differences.i have a speedy purchased earlier this year (Azur 30) and compared to my new speedy 35,the canvas is a bit thicker,the glazing is better and the hardware looks a bit different(in a good way).also the "LV" on the front of the lock is a bit thicker etched into LV


Beautiful collection, thank you for sharing with us! louis vuitton luggage


I am not a hoarder---so if its not being used it goes...with LV it goes and a new one comes.I throw away so much you would cry--an old pair of sweats? really why keep stuff-but I live alone and all 3 bedroom closets are full LOL I need to throw away more louis vuitton bag


The Damier Azur, if I were you. I don't own it, but I love the color! lv bags

,hank you for the much needed words of encouragement! I hope that this all works out and the madness is wothwhile. I figure..I returned the damaged stole via FedEx today...the Chicago store should receive it on Friday...Hopefully my replacement stole is shipped Friday as well...and I should be the proud owner of a brand new Leopard Stole on Tuesday. I'm stilll louis vuitton outlet,Congrats! louis vuitton handbags,

Congrats! The Bloomsbury is a great bag. louis vuitton shop


omething in vernis would work beautifully with all of your pieces and would give it a pop of color.if you are dead set on something in canvas, you definitely cannot go wrong with mono. louis vuitton shop

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the nerve of some ppl...i hope your baby is ok and there was no damage. love them both, congrats!

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